Jetstar passenger fumes over $4500 check-in blunder: 'Comedy of errors'

A Jetstar passenger was out of pocket thousands after being wrongly charged for check-in luggage.

Jannine Meyers was flying from Auckland to Christchurch last month and when checking in her bag, her credit card was charged $4500 instead of the significantly smaller $45.

What followed was a "comedy of errors," she said and a month-long battle with the airline.

Jetstar check in
The woman was charged $4500 by Jetstar staff for her check in luggage. Source: Getty

Almost a month after the incident, which occurred on September 15, Jetstar confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that the refund has been processed.

But Ms Meyers said if it hadn't been for her continuous calls, "my refund was not coming to me".

"It was an extremely frustrating experience. A $4455 discrepancy is no small error," she told New Zealand publication Stuff.

Multiple calls to Jetstar

Detailing the ordeal, Ms Meyers said she didn't realise she'd been wrongly charged until a supervisor approached her before boarding her flight at Auckland airport.

But when attempting to process the refund, check-in staff "seemed unsure of what they were doing".

After an hour of trying, Ms Meyers was reportedly told the money would appear in her account within 10 to 15 business days, but they were unable to provide any form of proof, she claimed.

Airport baggage
The traveller was out of pocket by $4455 for a month before the issue was rectified. Source: Getty/File

"By this time my father and I needed to go to the boarding gate and all we could do was simply have faith that they had successfully processed the refund; however, my gut instinct told me otherwise," she said. And she was right.

Multiple calls to Jetstar customer services ensued and she was allegedly told to be patient and that it was on its way.

At one point she claimed she was told there was no refund owed and that the case had been closed.

A Jetstar spokesperson said the airline sincerely apologised to Meyers for the delay in refunding her money.

"Our finance team processed the reimbursement yesterday (Tuesday) and as a gesture of goodwill, we have offered her a travel voucher," a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

Yahoo News Australia was unable to confirm if Ms Meyers had received the refund.

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