Jetstar flight to Bali turned back after two hours due to passenger outburst

Jetstar passengers ultimately had their travel plans delayed for 24 hours after the midair outburst forced the plane to do a U-turn yesterday.

A Jetstar flight headed for Bali was forced to turn back just two hours after leaving Melbourne as a woman's rowdy midair outburst became aggressive, with footage showing the traveller screaming at those around her while flight staff struggled to calm to her down.

Flight JQ43 left Tullamarine Airport just before 10.30am on Monday and was due to fly into Denpasar, but was instead forced to make a U-turn less than half way through the journey so flight crew could gain assistance from police on the ground.

It's understood the flight got as far as Alice Springs before flight tracking data shows it doing a U-turn.

Dramatic footage captured by those on board shows the red-faced woman screaming at the top of her lungs toward other passengers.

Seen here are screen shots of video recordings showing the female passenger's outburst on the Jetstar flight to Bali.
A Jetstar flight destined for Bali from Melbourne was forced to turn around midair after a passenger's outburst became aggressive. Source: Nine News

"Out of nowhere she decided to go up and down the aisle abusing staff and then yeah just sort of got worse and worse," one man said, Nine News reported. "She said she was going to vomit and pee on everyone," another woman said.

The AFP were eventually called in to meet the passenger on the tarmac, after a suspected mental health episode. Source: Nine News/Flight Aware
The AFP were eventually called in to meet the passenger on the tarmac, after a suspected mental health episode. Source: Nine News/Flight Aware

Soon, the unruly passenger's tirade turned abusive, a witness named Emma recalled.

"We knew a commotion was happening down the back and then this particular person kind of stormed up the front, carried on a little bit, we could hear her arguing and the cabin crew started to panic a little bit as well, started to usher her down to the back ," she recalled to 3AW.

"But then it went on for a little bit, the pilot said there was a threat to security and he had to take it very seriously... still for the next hour or so this particular lady was able to continue to walk the plane.

"An older man actually made a comment to her as she was passing through and she was right up in his face and abused the absolute hell out of him and smashed his glasses off his face. His poor wife was terrified."

According to the Australian Federal Police, officers met the plane on the tarmac and spoke with the woman. It's not known if she faces any charges. Yahoo News Australia has sought comment from the AFP.

Jetstar flight rescheduled for 24 hours later

A Jetstar spokesperson apologised to those affected, offering accomodation for travellers that need it until the flight attempts its journey again at 10am today.

"We know this was a difficult experience for other customers and our team members, and we thank those who assisted with the situation," a Jetstar spokesperson said.

"Due to the circumstances, several crew members were unable to continue flying and the flight has been rescheduled for 10am," the airline confirmed. "We will provide accommodation overnight to any customers who need it and cover other reasonable expenses including meals."

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