Jessica Madsen gets 'interesting DMs' about Bridgerton character

Jessica Madsen has opened up about fan reaction credit:Bang Showbiz
Jessica Madsen has opened up about fan reaction credit:Bang Showbiz

Jessica Madsen has received some "interesting DMs" about her 'Bridgerton' character.

The 32-year-old actress plays Cressida Cowper in the hit Netflix period drama, and Jessica has revealed that she's received some "interesting comments" from fans about her on-screen character.

She told PEOPLE: "I mean, people are not the biggest fan of her."

Jessica has received messages that say things like, "Thank you for letting me hate you so much" and "I love hating you so much".

But Jessica actually sees the negative reaction to her on-screen character as a good sign.

She explained: "It makes me feel like I've done my job right.

"I really don't take those things personally. The internet is wild. But I like it when people who I meet [who] have appreciated the show. Yeah. That's always lovely."

What's more, Jessica confirmed that there are more "twists and turns" ahead for Cressida.

The actress said: "The mask is falling off Cressida.

"She's becoming a human being. No, we're getting to see her human side and why she is the way she is. And yeah, that every mean girl has something beneath her. If we quote, 'mean girl' as everyone likes to call her.

"I personally don't think she is, but hey, you know."

Meanwhile, Jessica has admitted to relating to Cressida's "vulnerability".

The actress explained to The Cut: "I think when you’re that age, there’s this unawareness you have to life that is unknown to you. She only knows what she knows because of her parents, and she’s starting to learn new things.

"Eloise holds a mirror up to her and shows her that it’s not okay to be like this. And she realises, 'Wow when you put it like that - with kindness - I really see that'.

"I think when anyone comes to you with any kindness and care, and challenges you, you can be open to that newness and you can work from that. I remember being that age and realising I don’t know everything and that people can teach you so much."