Jesse Watters Says Making Trump Sit In Court Is 'Cruel And Unusual Punishment'

Fox News host Jesse Watters apparently thinks it’s unfair for former President Donald Trump to have to attend his criminal trial.

Monday marked the start of the second week of Trump’s hush-money trial in Manhattan, with opening arguments beginning after a jury was seated last week, and Watters lamented that Trump’s being treated worsethan prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Watters also said that making Trump appear in court every day of his trial ― something required of all criminal defendants ― was “cruel and unusual punishment.”

The guy needs exercise. He’s usually golfing, and so you’re going to put a man who’s almost 80, sitting in a room like this, on his butt for all that time? It’s unhealthy. ... He needs sunlight, and he needs activity. ... It’s really cruel and unusual punishment.”

Watters is definitely in the tank for Trump, but many people on social media found his latest bootlicking comments even more annoying.