Jennifer Lopez's Tour Has Some Pretty Bleak Ticket Sales

Jennifer Lopez appears to have slightly rebranded her tour amid low ticket sales.

Jennifer Lopez in a strapless gown with sheer sparkly overlay at a 'This is Me...Now' event
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The tour follows Jennifer's $20 million self-financed three-part multimedia series, which included a visual musical film and the documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told. The album, titled This Is Me... Now, failed to garner commercial success, debuting at #38 on the Billboard album charts.

Jennifer kneeling amidst destruction with distressed clothing, in a tense dance sequence
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J.Lo first announced her tour in the middle of February, initially touted as the This Is Me... Now tour. A week later, another three shows were added. However, in mid-March, several tour dates were quietly removed without explanation — though Entertainment Weekly reported it was due to a "logistical issue through the promoter."

Jennifer in a coat smiling upwards as a bird flies near her hand in a nighttime urban setting in a scene from the film
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Yesterday, Variety noted that the tour's name had been changed from This Is Me… Now to This Is Me… Live | The Greatest Hits. The publication cited low ticket sales as a possible reason for emphasizing J.Lo's back catalog.

Jennifer and her husband Ben Affleck looking happy on the red carpet
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So, how bad are the ticket sales? Let's look at the Ticketmaster sales for the opening night in Florida, where blue denotes unsold standard seats and purple denotes resold tickets for sale.

Seating chart of an auditorium with stage, sections, rows, and seats marked; suites and club areas noted

It's about on par with Feid, the Colombian singer hitting the same arena two days later.

Seating chart with stage at center, surrounded by labeled sections including suites and clubs. Legend icon at bottom right

Let's consider J.Lo's hometown gig, which is Madison Square Garden. Here are ticket sales for Aug. 16:

Seating chart for an event with stage placement, sections, rows, and seat numbers displayed

The next artist to play at the Garden is Tate McRae on Aug. 22, where only resale tickets are available:

Seating chart for a concert venue with stage placement and various sections labeled

Finally, we have the current final night of the tour: Aug. 14 at DC's Capital One Arena.

Seating chart for an event showing stage placement and labeled seat sections

Fellow Super Bowl performer Usher will be the next arena artist on Aug. 20. He has also sold out all tickets, bar resales.

Seating chart of a venue showing stage placement, seats labeled by section, VIP area, and entrances

Well, if you've ever wanted to see J.Lo is a good time.

UPDATE: A source close to Jennifer told BuzzFeed that the updated name is simply part of the tour's "updates and news along the way, as with any tour." They further said, "This conveys the Jennifer Lopez live experience in case there was confusion that this tour is an interpretation of the Amazon Original that she created or singularly with the music from the album."

Apr. 03, 2024, at 17:22 PM