Jamelia reveals chaotic secret from her Hollyoaks exit

Jamelia has revealed a behind-the-scenes incident from her final moments on Hollyoaks.

The singer and actress joined the Channel 4 soap in 2021 in the role of Sharon Bailey and returned in a regular capacity last year before bowing out when her character moved to Dubai last month.

Speaking on tonight's (May 15) Drama Queens, Jamelia has shared her excitement about filming her final scenes. The camera followed her to set for Sharon's emotional goodbye to her daughter Zoe Anderson and mother Pearl.

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During the tearful exit, Zoe finally mustered up the courage to tell her mum she wouldn't move to Dubai with her. Sharon and Zoe hugged it out, before Jamelia's character jumped in a taxi to the airport.

While the scene played smoothly on TV, the reality of filming was a little different as the car whisking Sharon away wouldn't start.

"She's staying!" a crew member joked as the rumbling car wouldn't move. Meanwhile, Jamelia could be seen laughing from the rolled-down window, whilst her co-stars Garcia Brown, who plays Zoe, and Dawn Hope, who portrays Pearl, struggled to keep a straight face.

"Typical Hollyoaks style, or typical Jamelia chaos style!" Jamelia told the Drama Queens cameras on set.

"The car wouldn't work when we're supposed to do my grand exit. Nice bit of fun injected into the thing," she added.

"But it sounds like they've got it working now so I'm gonna go back on set and do my bit. Hopefully, we'll get moving."

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The car setback managed to defuse the bittersweet atmosphere on set, with Jamelia looking back on the scene later on and admitted feeling "proud".

"My last scene went really well," she said.

"I was really proud of it because I remember my first scene, and I was racked with nerves… My last scene, I was just like, 'I've got this' and I felt so confident, and I felt like an actual actress."

In the episode, Jamelia also revealed that her personal life would borrow from Sharon's as she's decided to move to Dubai with her daughters.

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