Jameela Jamil was 'negative and divisive' but refused to be 'cancelled'

Jameela Jamil refused to be cancelled credit:Bang Showbiz
Jameela Jamil refused to be cancelled credit:Bang Showbiz

Jameela Jamil admits her public persona used to be "negative" and "divisive" but she refused to be "cancelled".

The 37-year-old model/actress became well-known for her opinionated posts on social media on a range of subjects and she didn't shy away from conflict online - but Jameela is adamant she's happy to apologise if she steps out of line rather than disappearing forever.

She told The Standard newspaper: "I get in trouble all the time. I think cancellation is very much your decision; whether you are so egotistical that you disappear. Or if you go, ‘sorry my bad’, and you come back. So I have gotten into trouble before, but I’m not going to go away because of that ...

"Especially for women of colour, there’s this idea that you have to be so perfect which is just not the case at all. So, no. I just like to be as honest with my followers as I can, and I think I strike a good balance between saying what I think and protecting my privacy."

Jameela went on to admit she is now trying to be less "negative" online and she's finding better ways to communicate her opinions.

'The Good Place' star added: "I think I used to be a much more negative person publicly and a little divisive, but it’s just because I was angry and had this stored up rage that came out in a way that led me to speaking too fast ...

"I think my heart was in the right place and that what I was talking about was correct, but I really reconsider now whether that was the best way to communicate."