Jade Jagger convicted of resisting police arrest and wounding in Ibiza and fined £1,200

Jade Jagger pictured in 2017   (Reuters)
Jade Jagger pictured in 2017 (Reuters)

Jade Jagger has left court in Ibiza after admitting to crimes of resisting arrest and wounding and accepting a fine of 1,400 euros (£1,215)

The 51-year-old jewellery designer learned her fate on Friday after striking a plea bargain deal with prosecutors following hours of behind-closed-doors negotiations between lawyers.

She has also been ordered to pay £695 to a police officer she injured during a scuffle in Ibiza Town on Wednesday evening.

Her 31-year-old boyfriend Anthony Hinkson was handed a four-month prison sentence after admitting to a crime of assault.

He is understood to have been allowed to leave court a free man because jail terms of two years or less are normally suspended in Spain for first-time offenders.

The pair, who said nothing as they left court separately, had been taken to court in a police van early on Friday morning following two nights in police cells following their arrests on Wednesday night.

They were held on suspicion of committing a crime which in Spain is known as atentado contra la autoridad and covers actions such as violently resisting arrest up to assaulting a police officer.

It carries a prison sentence of between one and four years in Spain.

During the morning it was confirmed a police union had decided to privately prosecute the pair in an action running parallel but separately to the state prosecution.

Judge Maria Luisa Bustillo’s ruling following a negotiated settlement means both prosecutions now end.

An official at the Balearic Islands’ High Court, speaking as a spokesperson for the judge, confirmed: “Court of Instruction Number One in Ibiza, acting as a duty court, has held a speedy trial following a plea bargain deal against A.W and J.J who were arrested on Wednesday in Ibiza.

“The judge has convicted A.W of a crime of assaulting a police officer and handed him a four-month prison sentence.

“The same judge has fined JJ for a crime of serious resistance and a minor offence of wounding.

“The fine for the first offence is 10 euros daily over four months and for the second it is a 20-day fine at 10 euros a day.

“JJ must also compensate her victim with 800 euros.”

The ruling brought to an end a turbulent three days for the couple.

They were arrested around 9pm on Wednesday outside a trendy Ibiza Town eatery called La Oliva and formally questioned by detectives on Thursday after a night in a police cell.

They spent around eight hours in court in custody on Friday before being allowed to leave after admitting wrongdoing and accepting sentences which could have been far harsher if they had been convicted after refusing to strike deals.

Jagger’s defence lawyer declined to comment after the hearing.

Police did not formally name the jewellery designer or Mr Hinkson, or release an official statement about the incident which led to him being pinned to the ground and arrested before his girlfriend was held.

But a well-placed source said shortly after Wednesday night’s incident, before Friday’s court hearing: “Police arrested two people, a man and a woman, in Ibiza.

“Around 9pm on Wednesday there was a police intervention as a result of a call from a restaurant about a man they said was behaving violently with customers and workers.

“The man had gone by the time police arrived.

“People at the restaurant including staff and a manager and a couple of customers told officers he had been aggressive towards them and they had refused to serve him any more drinks and he left.

“A man in the street then approached the police patrol cars outside and told them there was a man threatening passers-by.

“When officers approached him he began to insult them in English with increasing aggressiveness, refusing to identify himself and being very hostile.

“They tried to calm him down several times and he ended up hurling himself at police and assaulting one of them and he had to be arrested.

“That’s when a woman appeared who was very aggressive and hurled herself at a police officer, pushing him and insulting him.

“Police managed to calm her down and then call an ambulance for the man who was very aggressive and in a bad way and attacked health professionals and police again when the ambulance arrived.

“At that moment the woman enters the scene again, squaring up to an officer before allegedly pushing and punching that officer.

“She was then also arrested.”

Other Spanish reports naming Jade Jagger as the woman arrested said she had allegedly scratched a police officer.

Video footage showing the arrest of Mr Hinkson, who has been dating Mick Jagger’s daughter for several weeks, subsequently emerged.

Witnesses said he had been behaving erratically and had gone into a clothes shop opposite La Oliva where he bought an expensive dress he then gifted to a waitress at the restaurant before the subsequent street altercation.

Earlier on Friday police union SUP, which represents more than 20,000 affiliate members, confirmed it was taking its own legal action against Jagger and her boyfriend.

It said in a statement: “We are tired of seeing how assaults on police go virtually unpunished.

“SUP will present a private legal action against Mick Jagger’s daughter for allegedly assaulting a National Police officer in Ibiza.”

The female police officer hurt in the scuffle with Jagger is said to have suffered a sprained wrist.

Sources confirmed she was currently off work because of the injury.

Jagger stayed silent as she left court via a side door before getting into a van with blacked-out windows.