Jacob Batalon reflects on weight loss challenges: 'Health is wealth'

Jacob Batalon's mentality 'hindered' his 'weight' and 'work' credit:Bang Showbiz
Jacob Batalon's mentality 'hindered' his 'weight' and 'work' credit:Bang Showbiz

Jacob Batalon's mentality "hindered" him with his weight and work.

The 27-year-old actor, who is best known for playing Ned Leeds in Tom Holland's 'Spider-Man' movies, revealed he had lost 100 pounds at the end of 2020, but admitted he wasn't always willing to put in the work to lose the weight.

Speaking to E! News, he said: "I've learned that I'm definitely able to commit.

"That was something that hindered me before with my weight and with work. I feel like it's easy to be on set all day, snack and just pass out in your trailer for a few hours.

"I've really had to control that side of me and be professional and on point with my health, because health is wealth."

Jacob emphasised he made the most of the COVID-19 pandemic because it granted him the "time and space to work on [himself]."

He said: "I was very lucky in the pandemic to have the time and space to work on myself.

"I had to put myself in a specific mindset and be stricter and more on a schedule. I think that's helped me not only with my health, but in my life as well. It's put a lot of things in perspective for me."

In order to slim down, the actor stuck to a strict, full-body training programme, which he said was "so regimented".

Jacob worked out six times a week with his trainer over FaceTime, and increased his protein and vitamin in-take– which he dubbed "the very normal prototypical diet" – in order to support his weight loss journey.

Despite being happy with the results, Jacob admitted he wished there was a "short-cut" to losing the weight.

He said: "I wish there was a short-cut, honestly, but it was definitely the consistency that helped me."

After beginning the training, the 'Reginald the Vampire' star revealed he became addicted to exercise and monitoring his results.

He said: " [It was] almost like a drug, you can't not do it every day."