WATCH: Defiant pooch hijacks dog show

A fiesty Jack Russell terrier stole the spotlight at the Crufts dog show in the UK last week, thanks to his unconventional performance in the agility competition.

Unlike the Westminster Dog Show and other more staid contests, the Crufts annual celebration of all things canine seems to find room for everyone to join in the fun in Birmingham, England.

The rescue dog agility competition is one such event that allows animals that may never win best in show a chance to shine. A little terrier named Olly took that chance and ran with it — all over the course.

In a YouTube video that captured the performance, Olly can be seen approaching the race less like a champion and more like the excitable pooch that he is.

The exciteable pooch took a nasty tumble. Source: YouTube

After happily face-planting through a barrier, Olly speeds past several obstacles before eventually taking a mid-race break to sniff a corner of the track.

“He’s all over the place, and so he should be,” the announcer says amicably as Olly ignores the obstacles.

The dog’s handler, Karen, eventually leads the playful animal off the course, but not before waving to a surprisingly enthusiastic crowd.

It's all downhill from here. Source: YouTube

During the replay, the broadcaster can’t help but celebrate the plucky little dog’s energetic run.

“What a nose dive,” he exclaims with a laugh, “and he couldn’t care less.”

The viral video has already racked up more than 970,000 views.