'I've put cancer in the corner': Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York doing 'very well'

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has "put cancer in the corner".

The 64-year-old author underwent a single mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer last June and in January this year, she was also found to have developed skin cancer, but she is now "doing very well" and is happy with her recovery so far.

She told People magazine: "This evening I am doing very well. I think that we've managed to get cancer in the right place rather than cancer ruling me. I've put cancer in the corner.

"I think you always have to be aware. I think it's great to get checked for breast cancer [and] melanoma. I think you just have to be very candid about it.

"I think a lot of people get very frightened to talk about these things. I'm very happy with my mastectomy and my breasts and just to talk about it."

Sarah - who has daughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie with ex-husband Prince Andrew - praised the royal family for offering support and showing "unity" to one another during difficult times, including the cancer diagnoses of both King Charles and Catherine, Princess of Wales.

Asked if she's been able to offer support to Charles and Catherine, she said: "I think family unity is key… I think the key to life is that we all support each other.

"And also forgiveness is a great thing. I think forgiveness of yourself, and forgiveness of others."

The duchess' eldest daughter praised her "phenomenal" mother earlier this month and insisted Sarah was "thriving" despite her recent health woes.

Speaking on '‘This Morning’, Beatrice said: “She’s such a phenomenal icon. As a mum she’s been amazing.

“She’s been through so much and her sense of purpose and resilience really keeps me going.

“She’s doing really well, thank you Josie. She had a bumpy health scare last year but she’s all clear now.

“But I think at 64, she’s thriving. She’s been through so much, but now she's coming into her own.

“We are just reminded when any parent or individual has a health scenario, you really need to get the checks you need as early as you possibly can.”