‘It’s not real’: Spooky detail on Google maps image

A woman is perplexed by a "spooky" detail she noticed in a Google Maps image.

Video game developer Kimberly Riswick posted a picture of the satellite image taken on Bridge Street in Manchester in the UK on Twitter showing a "phantom building" that is not actually there.

"What the f*** are these weird phantom buildings on Google Maps?" she wrote.

"They're just clipping into other buildings. They're not real."

The phantom building, spotted next to the Manchester Magistrates Court, also looks slightly more ghostly than those surrounding it, with it appearing more transparent.

The Google Maps image showing several Manchester buildings from above.
The building perplexed people on Twitter as it did not exist in real life. Source: Twitter

"I still genuinely don't know where these phantom buildings came from or where their textures are coming from," Ms Riswick added.

People were equally as baffled by the strange building which appeared to cut across the road and offered suggestions as to why the phantom buildings emerged.

"It's probably a real building that's in the wrong place," one said.

"Probably when they were taking photos for the photogrammetry thing, photos got misplaced or something perhaps," another offered.

"Could be a satellite initially gave the map team the wrong coordinates for the building," a third said.

The Google Maps image which shows two buildings in Manchester on the map strikingly similar.
Kimberly Riswick believes a Google Maps glitch cloned a building nearby. Source: Twitter

Somebody else suggested the building may have been demolished, however Ms Riswick informed the person the structure had never existed there in the first place.

"Ghost hotel," somebody else joked.

Ms Riswick however later told people following the Twitter thread she had figured out the truth behind the phantom building.

"Okay actually I just figured it out... These buildings over here got like, cloned and misplaced?" she wrote alongside a photo of a circled building nearby.

The circled building looks identical to the phantom building, suggesting there was just a glitch on the site.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Google for comment on the glitch.

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