Isla Fisher reveals husband Sacha Baron Cohen's Valentine's Day tradition

Isla Fisher still gets a "mystery" Valentine's Day card every year.

The 48-year-old actress has been married to 'Borat' star Sacha Baron Cohen, 52, since 2010 and has Olive, 16, Elula,13, and eight-year-old Montgomery with him but revealed that every year on the romantic February 14 holiday, her husband keeps up the age-old tradition of giving her a card with no sender name on it as if she has a secret admirer.

Speaking on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show', she said: "I wouldn't say we're particularly...I think having a lot of kids and being busy, we don't do a lot. But every year, Sacha gives me a card that says 'Happy Valentine's from...' and then there's like a question mark, as if anybody else would send me one.

"As if I have any other Valentines...I'm a mother of three! I'm always like 'Oooh...! So many men!'"

The 'Wolf Like Me' star was then asked if she celebrates Galentine's Day - an unofficial holiday that falls on February 13 dedicated to female friendship - and explained that she does acknowledge it as she noted her close relationship with former 'Friends' actress Courteney Cox.

She said: "I do, I do! I've got my crew in LA, Courteney Cox is one of my best friends. Sacha and I go to Malibu on the weekends as well."

Isla recently admitted that despite her glamorous life as a Hollywood actress, motherhood is still her "favourite" topic but doesn't tall about her children specifically because they haven't chosen to be in the public eye.

She told People: "Motherhood is my favourite topic personally. But (my children) haven’t chosen this (celebrity) life, so I don’t talk about them.

She said: “I think having kids is very transformative in every sense – physically, emotionally and psychologically – and it fills a very large space in my life.