Isabella Strahan Shares Difficult Cancer Treatment Side Effect

Isabella Strahan, Michael Strahan

Isabella Strahan is still pushing through her ongoing cancer battle, but the journey has certainly not been without its obstacles.

Isabella, one of Michael Strahan's 19-year-old twin daughters, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in October 2023. Since then, she's undergone three craniotomies and started chemotherapy treatment, all while keeping her followers in the loop along the way.

In her latest update shared to her YouTube channel on Wednesday, May 22, the teen documented the days after her third round of chemo while also sharing a little bit about one of the difficult side effects she's been dealing with as a result of her meds: memory loss.

"I'm given this drug to protect my hearing and just because I have a reaction to it they give me Ativan and for some reason—this happened last time, too—I can't remember a single thing about that day."

In another vlog update from a few days earlier, Isabella was eating a sandwich that she said she "couldn't remember ordering."

"If the videos seem loopy, that's probably why," she explained.

In Wednesday's video, Isabella also looked forward to her next and final round of chemo, which is scheduled for June. But the teenager also expressed some fears about how she will get back into her regular routine after almost an entire year of treatments and hospital stays.

"I just want it to be June already," she said while noting that she's "scared" about the process of going back to "normal life."

"I feel like there's always gonna be another treatment or something I have to do," she shared before reminding herself, "But that's a later problem."

"Otherwise, I'm doing good," she concluded in the clip.

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