Isabella Strahan Gives Brain Cancer Treatment Update After Unexpected Surgery

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Isabella Strahan Shares Brain Cancer Health UpdateGregg DeGuire - Getty Images
  • Isabella Strahan shared a health update amid her ongoing journey with brain cancer.

  • Her latest vlog shares a few days at home after being hospitalized in late March and early April.

  • She is back to resting and regular appointments after undergoing unexpected brain surgery.

In January, Good Morning America host Michael Strahan and his 19-year-old daughter, Isabella Strahan, revealed to the world that Isabella was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a rare, cancerous brain tumor found largely in children. Ever since, she has been transparent about the highs and lows of her brain cancer treatment on social media—and after lots of tears, a surprise surgery, and a painful recovery in late March and early April, her latest vlog shares a light-hearted health update.

The video, filmed by her twin sister Sophia Strahan, follows a few days in her life at home. “I run this house,” she joked, walking into the kitchen and pointing to a sign that says “Isabella’s Station.” Below it sat a large basket full of prescription pill bottles. “This is my medicines that I take to stay alive,” she laughed.

Then, Isabella walked viewers through how she makes an evening cup of tea. She used an insulated, lidded mug because “I have balance issues, and I don’t want to spill on myself,” she said. She then held up her tea bag of choice, and joked that it’s “hopefully anti-cancerous, because I have cancer.”

With tea in hand, she proceeded to her bedroom, where she was assisted with some medication injections in bed. “This is my room,” she said. “It’s a little messy.” Then it was time to choose a movie to watch.

The next clip showed the start of a new day, one full of doctor appointments—Isabella had already done occupational therapy, she said, and dermatologist and blood work were on the schedule. She layered up to brave the elements and got in the backseat of a car. “How are you feeling today?” the driver asked. “I’m... feeling,” she replied.

In the video’s final clip, Isabella walked down two flights of stairs, carefully, hooked up to what appeared to be a mobile infusion—an impressive feat considering she was hospitalized due to shortness of breath in early April, she shared in another vlog.

Just two days prior to that hospitalization, she was released after being admitted for a week, during which she underwent an unexpected craniotomy—a procedure in which doctors remove part of the skull to access the brain, per the National Cancer Institute. In her case, they did so to drain fluid, she said.

Although the surprise procedure—which took place after she went to the emergency room for a fever—wasn’t “as bad” as her first craniotomy, she said, she was disappointed to learn that it postponed her final two rounds of chemotherapy. “I wasn’t very happy about that,” she said. “I was like bawling my eyes out, cause it’s just so disappointing when you’re like, ‘Yes, I can finish by May!’ And then everything changes because of a stupid head infection. So now I’ll be done a little later than I wanted to but, oh well. I’m home.”

Wishing Isabella and her family the comfort and support they need to finish her treatment strong.

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