Is this Australia's smartest toddler?

At an age when most are just learning to speak, one toddler from Queensland is stunning everyone he meets with his incredible knowledge.

Little Karthik Chavali, from Nundah in Brisbane, may only be 22-months-old, but his ability to name planets, countries and capital cities could easily rival many adults.

The talented one-year-old can also identify countries on a map.

Little Karthik is only one, but he can already name 38 countries and all the planets in our solar system. Source: 7 News
The toddler points out Kazakstan on a map. Source: 7 News

Karthik's parents noticed there was something special about their boy when they were reading to him eight months ago.

"So when he was 14 months, we gave this to him and to our surprise he was able to remember and tell it back. He could remember it and tell it the next day as well," Mr Chavali said.

They don't believe there is anything special in their parenting, but have held off on giving their son access to technology saying a child's early years should be full of fun and reality.

Karthik's parents are encouraging him to learn without the use of computers or tablets. Source: 7 News

"We haven't given Karthik an iPad or anything," Mrs Chavali said,

"Making them far more atuned to the make-believe world of iPads and tablets and computers , kind of makes them move away from reality," Mr Chavali added.

Mrs Chavali said every child has a special gift, it's just up to the parent to recognise it.