IS child recruits forced to murder prisoners in deadly game of hide and seek

Ben Brennan

Child soldiers are handed guns and balaclavas before being sent into the halls of a historic castle to hunt down and kill prisoners, in the latest propaganda film revealing the depravity of IS terrorists.

The video, released by the Daily Mail, shows children who have not even reached their teens playing the macabre game of hide and seek in the ancient al-Rahba castle in Deir ezzor province, Syria.

The child recruits are sent on a hunt through the castle to find the doomed captives. Photo: Screenshot

Their instructors arm them and send them in. Once inside they discover bound and blind folded prisoners. Unedited versions of the footage reveal the children murdering the men.

One is beheaded.

The film features the slick production values and strong religious imagery that has helped the brutal terrorist group recruit and radicalise fighters from around the world.

The video is just the latest evidence of the terrorist group's relentless mission to indoctrinate a new generation of killers.

Earlier this year the cruel fate that awaited children who resisted their efforts was revealed.

"They cut my hand off with a butcher’s knife,” a boy known as Omar told SBS shortly after he escaped Syria.

“They brought children and teenagers and told them, ‘all those who fight against us will have their hands and feet cut off.'"

His hand was placed on a block. A terrorist enforcer called The Bulldozer chopped it off. His foot was next.

Experts on the terror group relied on forcing children into their bloody regime to keep their jihad going.

"Then they taught me how to hold the sword, and they told me how to hit. They told me it was the head of the infidels," one boy told AP.

Some recruits - which IS calls it Cubs of Caliphate - are forced into violent acts and forced to witness brutality in an unforgiving regime of psychological condition.

When the group overruns a region it relies on threats, brutality but also gifts in its efforts to turn young boys and men against their families and recruit them to their cause.