Boy struggles to start a vacuum cleaner while dad humours him

An Irish boy trying to help out around the house was pranked by his father who humoured him as he watched the boy struggle with a vaccum cleaner.

It's a rite of passage for sons the world over to fall victim of practical jokes at the hand of their dads, and this cheeky father captured the moment on video.

The footage shared on YouTube shows the boy struggling to get the vaccum cleaner to start by repeatedly pulling the power cord like a lawnmower, instead of switching the 'on' button.

An Irish dad humours his young son who can't figure out how to start a vacuum cleaner. Source: YouTube/Meanwhile in Ireland

Dad tells the boy, who he calls Connor, to "keep trying" to get the appliance to start as he repeatedly pulls the cord and watches it retract with no luck.

"Is it nearly there?" he asks at one point, before instructing the boy to "give it one really really good pull."

Of course it isn't going to work, the appliance is not plugged in!

"Do us a favour and try and put it in the wall and see if it starts," the smug dad tells the boy.

"Connor… it's not a motorbike," he says.

But the joke's on Dad, because motorbikes don't start with a pull either!