Inuvik, N.W.T. superintendent gets national recognition

Devin Roberts will received a national award for excellence at a ceremony in July.  (Dez Loreen/CBC - image credit)
Devin Roberts will received a national award for excellence at a ceremony in July. (Dez Loreen/CBC - image credit)

Devin Roberts says his recent award for excellence as a school administrator comes from having a strong team and good communication with parents and students.

Roberts, the superintendent of the Beaufort Delta Divisional Education Council, will receive the N.W.T. territorial EXL award  – a national award for school superintendents  –  during a national conference in July.

The association that nominated Roberts is comprised of every other superintendent in the N.W.T.

"It's really nice because it comes from all my colleagues and peers I work well with, they're all hard working and great leaders. I learn a lot from the group," Roberts said.

During that conference, all territorial and provincial award winners will be eligible to receive a national award in excellence.

The education council released a series of books in local Indigenous languages this year and are working with publishers to bring local elders' stories to a younger audience with graphic novels.

Krista Cudmore, the vice-superintendent of the Beaufort Delta Divisional Education Council, was one of the nominators to get Roberts the recognition.

Cudmore said Roberts has been working with the students to get their input.

"I think he's had a good response when he has been in the schools," Cudmore said.

"I know that he has started a youth forum with students so when he travels to our communities he makes an effort to meet with these students as well."

Cudmore said that when Roberts is working in an outlying community he makes sure to keep contact with local leadership and holds meetings with staff and students.

"I know that he has put a big effort into trying to recognize the successes of the schools, regionally and also when he goes into each of the communities to make sure that each of their successes is acknowledged," said Cudmore.

Roberts said he wasn't expecting the nomination.

"I was surprised they nominated me and I was really humbled," he said.

Roberts thanks his whole team on the council for their hard work and dedication to the vision they share.

"It's an individual award but you don't accomplish it without a great team, so we have a great senior leadership team, and BDDEC consultants, as well as principals that work really hard," Roberts said.

"Of course what it's about is the students and the teachers and everyone in the schools who work really hard, so I share this award with everyone who is connected with BDDEC and the BDDEC family."