Internet baffled by 'invisible' car in a driveway

A photograph of a seemingly “invisible” car has caused a major stir online.

The perplexing snap, which was shared on Reddit, at first glance appears to show nothing more than a crack on the ground and the edge of a car tyre surrounded by some garden shrubs.

But a closer look reveals an extremely clean and well-polished car – so much so it has turned into a mirror.

A small puddle of soapy water fills a crack in the driveway that is perfectly replicated on the door of the black car.

The incredibly well-polished car has baffled viewers. Image: Reddit

“I looked at the picture for like 10 seconds wondering why there was such a weird looking crack in the ground,” one bemused Reddit user commented. 

“Legitimately can’t even understand how reflective this car is. My god,” another wrote. 

“I had absolutely no idea what I was even looking at here,” one man added.

While some praised the owner for their meticulous cleaning skills, others questioned whether the spotless car might be hazardous on the road.

“Does the rest of the car look like this? What if you just drove straight into the back of it?” one viewer asked.