Inside this week's issue of ES Magazine: Get to know new-gen junglist Nia Archives

 (ES Magazine)
(ES Magazine)

Is it just me or was the last week an absolute horror show? I’m not referring to the backdrop of suffering playing out on our screens (regardless of Instagram trying to turn off political content). Or the tragic Baltimore bridge incident (are we actually living in a disaster movie?).

No, I’m just talking about the casual teeth-clenching anxiety of the everyday. You know, work stuff, mortgage rates, Jack on Married at First Sight. Don’t worry, this isn’t a call for help, it’s just been a ride. Thankfully, a quick Google search solved the mystery: we were in the eye of a lunar eclipse. For those of you not entirely au fait with planetary goings on, that means ‘being pushed outside our comfort zone’, ie: buckle up! Astrological advice says not to cook during a lunar eclipse (hello Deliveroo), or use sharp objects (do moustache scissors count?), or get stressed (two out of three isn’t bad).

The good news is that by the time you read this we’ll be through the other side and — don’t hate me — I’ll be star-fishing on a beach enjoying a little R&R (that’s rum and relaxation). On with this week’s show… We check in with Nia Archives on her one-woman mission to merge Britpop and drum’n’bass — hopefully Damon Albarn will read the interview and make Nia’s dream come true; we visit legendary chronicler of all things British, Martin Parr; go back to the future with Sixties boutique Granny Takes A Trip; and Beyoncé’s new BFF Nadia Lee Cohen gives us a brilliant My London. PS there’s a total eclipse of the sun in three days. Good luck everyone.