Inside this week's ES Magazine: Harmony Korine takes aim at Al, art and... the future of mankind?

 (Harmony Korine by Agaton Strom for ES Magazine)
(Harmony Korine by Agaton Strom for ES Magazine)

An intriguing mystery was solved this week. A matter that has been low-level niggling at me for a while now. Why do I keep spotting big names from the world of fashion on my street?

It’s not an everyday occurrence but regular enough to mean something is definitely going on. These sightings would have made more sense years ago when Kate Moss lived opposite my home: this was before I moved in (sadly) and, I should point out before you jump to any conclusions, like most of London my neck of the woods is a tale of two cities, meaning Kate’s old pad is very much on the sunnier side of the street. Anyway, these recent sightings happen from morning till dusk and always with a black cab depositing the people in question (my lips are sealed) two doors down. What on earth is going on at Number 19? A few days ago all was finally revealed.

As I was leaving for work, a taxi pulled up and out climbed a well-known model in giant sunglasses. ‘Hello! What are you doing here?’ I asked, nonchalantly. (Don’t worry we know each other.) ‘Oh, I’m here to see my therapist,’ she shrugged. The sound of the penny dropping inside my head must have rung out across the whole postcode.

I might have to book an appointment with my therapist neighbour and see what all the fuss is about. They’re obviously very good and who doesn’t need a little straightening out right now? As our cover star, Harmony Korine, says this week: ‘The world doesn’t make sense and things are upside down.’ I think we can all relate.