Inside King Charles History-Making Visit to UK Island

King Charles III and Queen Camilla are set to visit an island country in Europe that hasn't hosted a monarch in 19 years.

The momentous occasion is planned for next month, and it will be the first time a British monarch has visited the Bailiwick of Jersey since 2005 when Queen Elizabeth II attended the 60th anniversary of Jersey's Liberation Day with Prince Philip.

Though the late queen didn't make it to the next biggest celebration–its 70th anniversary celebrating freedom–she did share a lengthy statement at the time, part of which read: "Today is a day for all the survivors of that generation and for the people of Jersey, young and old, to come together to give thanks for the success of the Allied Forces and the Liberation of the Island and to pass on the spirit of reconciliation to future generations." 

What brings the royal couple to Jersey this year isn't the country's Liberation Day, which is celebrated on May 9, but rather a series of events that highlight the islands' environment, commitment to sustainability and biodiversity, heritage and traditions, while also paying homage to Charles and the crown.

Deputy Bailiff of Jersey Robert MacRae announced the visit to the States Assembly during a morning briefing on Tuesday, June 11.

"I am delighted to announce that on Monday, July 15, the island will host the first visit of the Sovereign since 2005," he said.

"His Majesty King Charles III and Queen Camilla will travel to Jersey on the morning of Monday, July 15, before visiting Guernsey on Tuesday, July 16. Their visit will include a special sitting of the States Assembly and the Royal Court, and I very much look forward to this and the rest of the program that has been planned for the visit."

MacRae said the royal couple would visit the States Assembly and Royal Court, and the rest of the visit would be mainly focused in St Helier, with further details of the day's events to be shared later.

Lieutenant-Governor of Jersey Jerry Kyd said he was "absolutely delighted" about the visit.

"Their visit is a reflection of the ancient and very personal relationship which has existed between Jersey, as one of the Crown's oldest possessions, and the Monarch, which stretches back eight centuries," he said.

"As His Majesty's personal representative on this wonderful island, I am extremely proud of the island, and the enduring affection and loyalty of its people to the Crown," he continued. "The binding benefits of this special relationship remain as strong as ever and I know Their Majesties are looking forward greatly to their visit next month."

Chief Minister Lyndon Trott added: "We are looking forward to showcasing our initiatives to support those efforts and promote sustainability across a range of sectors."

Officials explained Charles and Camilla could not plan trips to Alderney and Sark due to "time restraints," but a representative from those islands will be present, according to a BBC report.

This will be the 75-year-old king's second trip overseas since announcing his cancer diagnosis, as Charles recently traveled to France for the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

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