‘Not an inch’: Punters crammed into pubs

Line outside the Clovelly Hotel. Picture Instagram 2.JPG
Queues grow outside of Sydney’s pubs ahead of Anzac Day festivities. Picture: Instagram

Incredible aerial vision shows Aussies crammed into Sydney’s most popular pubs, with some lining up for over an hour as venues hit capacity this Anzac Day.

Thousands of Australians are partaking in the time-honoured tradition of heading to the pub this Anzac Day public holiday, with many expected to revel in the once-a-year tradition of playing two-up.

Bondi Lines – an Instagram page which shares live-updates on the length of lines outside the city’s most popular venues - have chartered their own helicopter this year to bring real time videos and information direct to their 110,000 strong Instagram followers.

By 1pm, multiple venues were already hitting capacity as vision from the chopper showed hundreds packed into the Clovelly Hotel courtyard like sardines.

The video was shared to Bondi Lines Instagram story with the caption: “Not an inch empty”.

Line outside the Clovelly Hotel. Picture Instagram 2.JPG
Line outside the Clovelly Hotel just before 9am. Picture: Instagram
Line outside the Clovelly Hotel. Picture Instagram 2.JPG
Hundreds are expected to cram into pubs to play 2-up. Picture: Instagram

Most pubs began play of 2-UP until at least 10am on Thursday, but lines were already growing outside of Sydney’s pubs by 9am, with in-the-know players ensuring they get inside before venues reach capacity.

Video shot outside the Clovelly Hotel in the eastern suburbs just after 9am showed massive queues already snaking around the building and down the street.

Thousands of people have been up for hours after bracing a chilly dawn start at the cenotaph in Martin Place for NSW’s official Dawn Service.

Bondi Lines boat party. Picture Instagram
Lines outside of the Royal Paddington pub. Picture: Instagram

Two-up is game of chance that was played by soldiers during World War I and has since become a feature of Anzac Day events that pulls huge crowds into beer gardens and pub courtyards.

The game is only legal one day of the year and involves punters betting on the outcome of a heads or tails game.

Bondi Lines helicopter. Picture Instagram.JPG
Bondi Lines is going to charter a helicopter to give live updates on lines this Anzac Day. Picture: Instagram

A Bondi Lines spokesperson said popular venues in the city’s CBD typically hit capacity from about 11am, so its wise to check their site for updates on where there is still room.

Bondi Lines boat party. Picture Instagram
Bondi Lines boat party where punters can play 2-Up. Picture: Instagram

The helicopter will be departing from Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport at 11:30am and will circle Sydney’s skies in the east, city and inner-west suburbs throughout the morning and early afternoon.

They are also hosting a 2-Up boat party on the Harbour from 1pm - 5pm.

Bondi Lines co-founder Callum Weatherall said last year they had over 1 million people turn to them for up to date information on the day.

“We thought we’d take it a step further by chartering the chopper for our Sydney audience on our most in-demand day of the year,” he said.