Influencer slammed for naked display at sacred Bali site

The woman has been arrested over her 'disrespectful' photo.

Another naked influencer has outraged locals and upset officials in Bali after she was caught posing nude by a sacred Balinese tree.

Indonesian authorities have arrested the woman, named as Luiza Kosykh by the Daily Star, after a photograph showed her pressing her bare body into the ancient trunk. The 700-year-old weeping paperbark, which is located on the grounds of the ancient Babakan Temple in Bayan Village in Tabanan, is considered holy by locals.

Tedy Riyandi, the head of Denpasar Immigration Officer, confirmed the arrest, the publication reported.

Luiza Kosykh posing naked on the tree (left) and in a white dress (right).
Luiza Kosykh was pictured naked on the 700-year-old tree which sits next to the ancient Babakan Temple in Bayan Village. Source: Instagram

Influencer told to ‘go back to your country’

Local social media activist Ni Luh Djelantik took to Instagram on Wednesday to share her fury and the photos in question.

“To all foreigners who disrespect our land, Bali is our home, not yours!” she wrote in capital letters. “Do you think you’ll look cool taking naked pictures on our holy trees? Go back to your country if you can’t respect our tradition and culture.”

In the first image, the woman is facing into the tree with her hands raised up on its bark. In the second, she is covered in a white sheet and lying against the base of the trunk. She’s clothed again in the third shot while leaning her back into the tree. A sentence in Russian has been written over the photo. While part of it is cut off, the visible section describes the photographer as “talented” and “sensitive”.

Alina Fazleeva posing naked on the tree in Bali.
Alina Fazleeva was kicked out of Bali over this photo. Source: Newsflash

Two Russian influencers already kicked out

The incident comes almost a year after a Russian influencer and yoga instructor was deported and banned from returning to Bali within six months after posing naked on the same sacred tree.

Alina Fazleeva, 28, faced harsh backlash over a photograph which showed her climbing onto the tree’s trunk without any clothes on. She went on to delete the image off her Instagram account and issue a video apology. She also performed a ritual at the base of the tree to apologise to the spirits.

Last week, a Russian tourist was kicked out of Bali after posing naked from the waist down on top of a sacred mountain, Nine News reports. Yuri Chilikin, 24, was deported on April 4 to Moscow after posting an apology online in which he said there was “no excuse” for his actions.

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