L.A. County Sheriff's Department identifies infant abandoned by mother at a Lomita store

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department announced Thursday it had identified an infant who was abandoned by her pregnant mother at a Lomita store earlier in the week.

The sheriff's department said in a statement that detectives had spoken with family members of the abandoned infant and had identified the child and the pregnant mother. The department provided no further details.

The department said the infant, described as a girl between 7 and 9 months, was left at a store Tuesday evening in the 2000 block of Pacific Coast Highway by her pregnant mother.

A store employee told deputies that a pregnant woman had walked into the store and placed the infant in a shopping cart. At some point, the woman left the store and got into a taxi, leaving the child behind in the shopping cart.

The department released photos of the infant and the pregnant mother hoping that the public may recognize and identify them.

Sheriff's officials said for now, the infant has been placed in the care of the Department of Children and Family Services. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lomita Sheriff's Station at (310) 539-1661.

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This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.