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Why people are gobsmacked by this map of Australia at a US zoo

A map that was supposed to educate visitors at an American zoo about Australia has left everyone wondering – what happened to Victoria?

A photo of the poorly thought-out sign was posted on Reddit by a user who spotted the attempt to highlight the Great Barrier Reef at a zoo in Indiana.

Not only did the sign completely cut out the entire state of Victoria from the map, but others pointed out that even the orange section of the reef wasn’t accurate.

A map at a US zoo highlighting the Great Barrier Reef in orange (pictured) was missing a major part of Australia.
Victoria was completely cut out of the map and Reddit users pointed out another inaccuracy on the 'educational' map at an American zoo. Source: Reddit/hashtag-123

“The reef extends way further south,” one person responded.

Others thought Tasmania was trying to make it’s way up.

“Tasmania has eaten Victoria,” one person pointed out.

Reddit users had fun explaining why they thought the state of Victoria had been left out.

Pictured is a stock image of a map of Australia. A zoo in Indiana left Victoria out of its representation of the Land Down Under.
A map of Australia with Victoria included. Source: Getty

“We detached and floated over to become New Zealand's new west island,” another person said.

“It’s very cold so we all voted to just move the whole state north, I hope nobody minds? We will probably vote to move it all back when it’s summer,” a third social media user wrote.

Another added: “Can't attack you if they can't find you on the map!”

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