Cobra regurgitates meal after family chase it from house

A young cobra regurgitated three eggs after getting cornered at a home in a village near Chikmagalur in South India.

To their horror, the family members spotted an Indian spectacled cobra, one of the world’s most poisonous animals, in their kitchen on March 11.

The cobra had a lump in its belly – a tell-tale sign that it had swallowed a few eggs from the kitchen – and was sluggish.

The three eggs can be seen in the cobra's belly. Source: Newsflare

After the family raised an alarm, it tried to get away and took refuge under a stone slab in the front yard.

A local snake rescuer rushed to the spot and prodded the cobra with a stick.

It came out and raised its hood for a few moments threatening to attack. Then as everyone watched in amazement, it regurgitated the three eggs in quick succession and tried to flee.

The cobra regurgitated three huge eggs. Source: Newsflare

But the rescuer caught the cobra, placed it in a bag, and later released it at a nearby forest.

Snakes typically get sluggish after a meal. If they fear for their safety they regurgitate the food and try to escape.