Indian brothers turn family car into a ‘helicopter’ - but hybrid vehicle is immediately seized by police

Two brothers who spent £2,000 transforming a car into a "helicopter" have had it seized by police.

In an attempt to make the car resemble a chopper, Ishwardin Prajapati, 36, and Parmeshwardin Prajapati, 37, constructed a tail and other components from sheet metal and added rotor blades to the roof.

The siblings, from Uttar Pradesh, India were distraught after spending "day and night" working on the special motor.

They had soldered a small rotor blade onto the roof of a white Maruti Suzuki Wagon R. They also removed the boot and swapped it out for an expanded "boom" — a helicopter's tail.

Although the automobile couldn't actually fly due to the lack of power in the blade, they claimed that the "car-copter" was their ideal vehicle.

While travelling to a workshop for painting, he was stopped by traffic police officers, who confiscated the chopper-car for breaking traffic laws and fined the owner Rs 2,000 (£18.94).

In a video, residents could be seen gathering to watch the unusual car being parked outside the police station after it had been seized.

According to the country's Motor Vehicles Act, they had altered the car without getting the necessary permit, the local police have said.

Local police official Vishal Pandey commented: "Yesterday, a modified car was seized. Due to the enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct, police have been conducting vehicle checks. This modified car was intercepted by traffic police during one such inspection."

Pandey also revealed an inquiry into the case had started.

However, the enraged inventors retaliated against the fine by saying they never intended to drive it frequently and only made it to hire out for special occasions.

They told news agency ANI: "It was only meant to be used during weddings and will not ply on the roads otherwise.”

The car was "transformed to use it for booking during the wedding seasons so that our family will be able to earn some extra money".