More than 500 teeth removed from seven-year-old's mouth

A seven-year-old boy with an unusual medical condition has had 526 teeth removed from his mouth.

Ravindran, from Chennai in India, had been complaining of swelling on the right side of his lower jaw since the age of three.

Medical investigation by surgeons revealed the presence of a large growth containing multiple hard structures within the jaw.

Ravindran opens his mouth after the operation to show off his new mouth. Source: Reuters

Doctors said that this is a unique medical case and a first-of-its-kind.

“The tumour is very nicely demarcated from rest of the bone,” Dr Senthilnathan, who led the operation, told reporters.

He said the tumour was roughly 5cm by 3cm, and took five hours for surgeons to remove the teeth.

An x-ray of the boy's teeth before the operation. Source: Reuters
All the teeth which were removed layed out in the operation room. Source: Reuters

The rare lesion with teeth has been confirmed as a 'compound composite odontoma'.

In a similar case from 2014, 232 teeth were removed from the mouth of a Mumbai teen.

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