Incredible moment water buffalo fights off three crocodiles

Shocking footage has captured the moment an angry water buffalo charged at numerous crocodiles lingering on the edge of a Northern Territory river.

The moment was captured by stunned tourists on a charter with Local Knowledge Barra Safaris last week.

The clip, obtained by Yahoo News Australia, shows the water buffalo taking a dip in the South Alligator River in Kakadu National Park, east of Darwin.

However, the animal’s calm swim suddenly takes a turn when it encounters a crocodile on the river bank.

The buffalo rages toward the crocodiles.
Without missing a beat, the beast raged toward the crocodiles circling him with the hope he would be their next feed. Source: Charlie/Supplied

The buffalo immediately charges toward it head first, scaring the crocodile away with its horns.

The camera then pans to show the buffalo’s encounter with another two crocodiles waiting in the water ahead.

Without missing a beat, the beast again sinks its horns into the river and rages toward them, forcing them to flee the area.

Tourists stunned by water buffalo's 'show'

Simon Stenberg, a fishing guide in the NT, told Yahoo News Australia he was on the boat when the incident occurred.

“It was a bull and very angry,” he said.

“I think it may have been in a fight with another male as its ear was split and bleeding.”

Mr Stenberg said the buffalo had a busy day as they spotted it hours later about 30kms away at the top of the river.

The fishing guide said the tourists onboard were “amazed”.

One of the sightseers who filmed the incredible moment, Charlie, from Victoria, told the NT News he was “shocked”.

“We were waiting for the crocs to latch onto its hindquarters,” he said.

“It was a good little show.”

The incident comes just weeks after a saltwater crocodile posing a “high risk” to a Queensland community was shot.

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