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'I'm nervous, I won't lie to you': Paralysed motocross rider Andy Hensel attempts to fly again

Motocross rider Andy Hensel has always been an adrenalin junkie. Fearless, always pushing himself and his bike to the limit.

His dream run came to a tragic end on June 29, 2012 while competing at the Australian Underground Freestyle MX Championship.

Hitting the jump at high-speed, flying higher than expected, he knew mid-air something was wrong. He had overshot the landing and knew he was going to hit the ground hard. On impact he broke his back and crushed his spinal cord.

"I was on my back looking up thinking this is definitely, this has definitely gotta be a dream," Andy told Sunday Night's Alex Cullen.

Andy was permanently paralysed from the ribcage down.

"You go to bed crying, you wake up crying, it's not the way I want to live my life, thinking, when is this going to end?"

But Andy refused to believe his days of flying high on his motocross bike were over.

He began intense therapy at a specialised recovery centre called Making Strides, on the Gold Coast. It was created to help people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions.

'You have to start training yourself to think positively', he said.

Making Strides founder Kristie Shepherd says the recovery techniques are designed to push the envelope because her clients are used to pushing themselves and their bodies in high risk sports.

"It's their mindset, their training mindset that connects them as well. These guys are like where do I get that natural rush from?"

"They're not content with traditional rehab methods", she said.

Kristie was impressed by Andy's determination.

"He doesn't do things by halves," she said.

With the help of Kristie and a few mates, Andy was ready to attempt to ride his bike over a jump one more time.

'I'm nervous, I won't lie to you" he said.

Watch what happens this Sunday Night - March 25 - 8:45pm after Australian Spartan.