Iggy Pop loves a bubble bath

Iggy Pop loves bubble baths credit:Bang Showbiz
Iggy Pop loves bubble baths credit:Bang Showbiz

Iggy Pop loves bubble baths.

The 'Lust for Life' hitmaker finds it very relaxing to have a soak in the tub, and he's even got a rubber duck to keep him company while he's wallowing in the water.

Appearing alongside Troye Sivan to talk about pleasure at a live listening party at the Magnum beach in Cannes, Iggy said: "I like baths, sometimes with a rubber duck…and bubbles, yeah definitely bubbles!”

The 77-year-old singer always finds the time every day to find a moment of pleasure, and gets "upset" if he realises he hasn't done anything he enjoys.

He said: "Sometimes I get really upset if it’s getting late in the day and I think to myself that I haven’t done anything I really like. And music is what gives me pleasure you know, well music and the sea. That’s my default setting, so I’m always putting my pleasure first.”

Iggy previously admitted he feels his career - which has spanned more than five decades - has become “physically harder” but as time has gone on but has also become “easier” in all other aspects.

He told Mojo magazine: “It’s physically harder but, mentally and emotionally, which is the bigger part of life, it’s gotten much, much easier. Because the big problem before was the size of career, size of audience. How many units are you generating? How many people are listening? When your size isn’t big enough, you get all sorts of pushback from the world in general, and from the inner layers of the industry.

“But everything kind of added up and I have a lot of records out there. They all sell.”

Magnum hosted the exclusive live listening party at the iconic Magnum® beach in Cannes, with global award-winner and Grammy-nominated Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan.

The celebration of the 'Honey – Remix' EP launch came after Troye was announced as the global Mbassador for their new Wherever Pleasure Takes You campaign.