Behold the 'bin chicken': Hit mockumentary takes aim at ibis

Behold, we now have the resilient ‘bin chicken’.

They’re known as one of our nations most prevalent scavengers but now a hilarious new mockumentary ‘narrated’ by non other then a Sir David Attenborough sound-a-like has labelled the humble ibis as ‘bin chickens’.

The hilarious video reminiscent of Attenborough’s ‘Plant Earth’ series has been created by David Johns and it’s sending social media into a meltdown.

The now infamous 'bin chicken' dining from a garbage bin. Source: YouTube
Bin chickens like to devour a

Their quirks and seemingly endless quest for food scraps has been highlighted in the video created by David Johns.

Johns posted the video on YouTube on Wednesday and it’s since gone viral being viewed over 80,000 times.

“Life survives in the harshest environments on Planet Earth,” the video begins.

What would Sir David Attenborough think? Source: YouTube

“Searing deserts to frozen arctic tundra. However, there are more toxic places – our cities,” with the voiceover of a man mimicking Attenborough's distinctive tone continues.

“And these have spawned entirely new subspecies – the Australian bin chicken.”

“Scientists have now confirmed what many Australians have believed for decades,” the voiceover continues.

“Once known as the white ibis the species has evolved into a superior scavenger.”

The video has since gone viral. Source: YouTube

The humorous video ends with the suggestion that once humans have left the planet, the resilient ‘bin chicken’ will live forever on the leftover waste and eventually become the dominate form on earth.

David John is known for viral videos, creating a video in 2014 to sell his vehicle.

No word yet if Sir David Attenborough approves of the latest video.

Newsbreak – March 31