iPhone charging accident leaves woman 'partially blind'

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A university student was left partially blind after claiming a faulty iPhone charger exploded and a spark flew into her eye.

Law student Esther Modede, 19, from Birmingham in the UK, was plugging her phone in when she noticed the wire looked a little damaged.

Shortly after, she claims her phone and the charger started burning up and she noticed smoke coming from the wire.

Moments later she claims the wire began exploding and a spark hit her directly in the left eye – leaving her unable to see out of it.

The iPhone charger reportedly began sparking. Source: Caters
The iPhone charger reportedly began sparking. Source: Caters

“I had borrowed my charger to my friend over the weekend and when I got it back it was slightly damaged.

“I didn’t think anything of it so I plugged in my phone to charge and it started burning up," she said.

Ms Modede said she was immediately "very worried" after the accident.

“Everything went blurry and when I closed my other eye I couldn’t see very well.

That night Ms Modede says she spent four hours in hospital getting a bandage over her eye, which she had to keep on for a few days while her eye healed.

When the bandage was removed, her eyesight still wasn’t back to normal but Ms Modede says it is now slowly recovering.

The teen was told by eye specialists at Birmingham City Hospital the spark had damaged her cornea.

"The surface of my eye was effected," she added.

"The moment the spark hit my eye, my eye shut and I felt it begin to swell. It was a hot sensation. The swelling and the blurring of my sight was worrying.

Ms Modede said both her iPhone and charger are official Apple products.


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