'I dreamed of a fat baby': Melbourne mum welcomes 6.06kg newborn

Melina Sarris and Catherine Healey

A Melbourne mother says she is still in shock after discovering her baby boy tipped the scales at more than six kilograms.

Baby Brian Junior was born naturally at the Mercy Hospital on Tuesday morning, with staff amazed the supersized bundle weighed in at 6.06kg, or 13 pound, four ounces.

“I dreamed of a little fat baby,” mum Natashia Corrigan said. “I’ve always wanted a little fat baby and I’ve got a big one!”

Brian Jnr weighed in at 6.06kg. Source: 7 News
Parents Brian and Natashia with Brian Jnr. Source: 7 News

During her pregnancy, Natashia was told her child would be on the heavier size as he weighed in at nine pounds at the 36-week mark.

Born at 40 weeks and five days, Brian Jnr could possibly be the heaviest baby born in Victoria.

“I think I was in a bit of shock because the birth was natural and I only had gas so I was still in a bit of shock just from that,” Natashia said.

Baby Brian is already in size 0 clothing. Source: 7 News

The big bundle of joy has jumped straight into size zero clothing, with newborn nappies already too small.

Dad Brian Liddle said he was happy his son arrived safely and said the family was “blessed” by the delivery.

Brian Jnr is the third child for Natashia, whose daughters weighed in at 8pd 4oz and 7pd 12oz.

Brian Jnr could be the biggest baby born in Victoria. Source: 7 News

Nursing staff at the hospital say Brian Jnr is already double the size of the average Australian baby.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for today,” Natashia said.

“The power of positive thinking during birth, be positive, breath deep.”