I’m not lovin’ it: Man pours boiling molten copper over flame-retardant Big Mac during viral experiment

Caity Stone

Big Mac lovers beware, your burgers are indestructible and possibly indigestible.

McDonald's converts may be left reeling after disturbing new footage shows boiling hot molten copper being poured over a Big Mac, resulting in the ‘buns of steel’ burger remaining relatively intact.

After heating up the copper to boiling point, the experimenter — wearing protective gloves— begins slowly pouring the liquid over the bun and then the attempted ‘mac attack’ begins.

The moment the 'liquid gold' was poured over the burger. Source: YouTube.

As the liquid hits the bun, large flames erupt immediately. However, within a few seconds, the bun appears to ‘put out the flames’ leading to the suggestion that the bun and its various ingredients have flame retardant properties.

During the three-minute video, the food chain’s signature dish withstands a temperature of around 1085°C being poured over its entire surface.

Popular YouTube user Tito4e uploaded the clip and has proved that 'murdering this burger' is virtually impossible.

The burger first burst into flames but then the buns appeared to act as a 'flame-retardant. Source: YouTube.

Tito4e has developed a cult following for his for his niche uploads, which result in experiments of pouring molten copper on everything from steak, coconuts and even a pair of Nike Air Jordans with varying results.

The caption for the video that has been uploaded to YouTube and viewed more than a million times said: “Pouring molten scrap copper on Big Mac. Copper's melting point is 1085°C".

Surprisingly, the bun only begins to char after a minute of being exposed to the boiling liquid. However, the remainder of the ingredients inside appear to be ‘untouched’.

The burger that just wouldn't burn. Source: YouTube.

When Tito removes the bun lid, the beef patty looks unaltered, as do the pieces of lettuce, cheese, and the additional piece of bread in the centre.

Eventually, the beef blackens slightly however slowly but looks more like it's been slightly overcooked on a bbq rather than had melting molten poured over it.

Eventually, after more ‘liquid gold’ was doused onto the remaining ingredients, the burger does eventually begin to char.

The only ingredient to withstand the three-minute clip the longest is the humble pickle.

It manages to retain its light green hue the longest before eventually also charring to an extent.

When the burger eventually began to burn however the pickle remained untouched. Source: YouTube.

At the end of the experiment Tito then pours water over the ‘murdered burger’ sending waves of steam into the atmosphere.

As the mixture cools down the metal-burger mix creates a multi-colour wreath.

What remained of the burger after the experiment. Source: YouTube.

Viewers of the shocking footage has had varied reactions to the experiment.

'Y'all just gon act like you didn't see that them pickles survived? [sic]' wrote viewer wrote.

'Is nobody else seriously frightened at the fight that burger put up with MOLTEN COPPER??!!!' another viewer wrote.

On the fast food chain's website they list the ingredients of the burger as: "It starts with two 100% Aussie beef patties. Then comes the delicious combination of crisp iceberg lettuce, melting signature cheese, onions and pickles, between a toasted sesame seed bun. And don't forget the McDonald's special sauce!"

Other past popular McDonald's food experiments have done little to curb the publics desire for the chain’s meals with Macca’s still proving to be a popular take-away option for many Aussies.

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