'I literally almost cried': Couple surprises bartender with huge tip

A lucky bartender received a US$200 (A$295) tip for serving just a few drinks to a couple of regulars.

On Wednesday (local time), Dan Steinbach, the owner of Twisted Spoke Saloon in Pekin, Illinois, shared a photo on Facebook of a credit card receipt for $23 (A$33) and the whopping gratuity.

“Nice way to start the day is seeing something like this,” he wrote in the post. “Come in to do the paperwork from yesterday and see this. Always nice to see someone leave a nice note along with a generous tip.”

Written on the bill was the message, “Thank you, best bartender in Pekin.”

The gratuity was left for bartender Ashely Bedwell, 24, who has been employed at the saloon since February. In that period of time she had built up a friendly relationship with a married couple, who often sit at the bar and chat.

Earlier in the day, the wife had sent Ms Bedwell a Facebook message, asking if she was working that evening. The couple hadn’t stopped by in months but the request wasn’t all that strange, as they usually made a point to come when Ms Bedwell was working.

At the bar, the couple asked whether Ms Bedwell had finally purchased a new vehicle, having known that an accident two years ago had written off her car, leaving her having to walk to work every day.

While the couple closed out their tab, the waiter couldn't believe their generosity. Source: Getty

“The wife asked why my new car wasn’t in the parking lot, and I explained that I was waiting for payday to get license plates and things like that,” Ms Bedwell told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Two hours later, while the couple closed out their tab, Ms Bedwell was left stunned after the woman walked into the kitchen with the receipt.

“I literally almost cried,” Ms Bedwell recalled.

Mr Steinbach told Yahoo Lifestyle that he’s seen customers leave sizeable tips, but not on such a small amount, adding that Ms Bedwell had first refused the money until the couple insisted.

The bartender will use the funds to get her car up and running and says she is indebted to her “favourite two people”.

“They have always been so nice,” she said.

- Yahoo Lifestyle US

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