Passengers restrain woman ranting 'I am God' trying to open cabin door mid-flight

A woman has been restrained by passengers on board a flight after she she tried to open a cabin door while repeatedly proclaiming she was God.

The passenger, from Idaho, US, was on United Express Flight 5449, operated by SkyWest Airlines, from San Francisco to Boise, Idaho on Monday before she began behaving erratically, CBS reported.

Terrifying footage from on board the flight shows the woman being pinned down by passengers before having her feet tied together.

The woman can be heard proclaiming she is God over and over again. Source: ABC News

She appears to be on the lap of one passenger until she is flipped into the aisle and restrained.

"I am God, I am God, I am God," she can be heard screaming in the video.

Passengers managed to restrain her and tie her feet together. Source: ABC News

Despite her disruption, the plane managed to land safely and police were waiting at Boise Airport for the woman after being contacted by crew.

She was taken for medical assessment and questioned by investigators.

A spokesperson for Boise police says prosecutors will decide if charges should be filed with the evidence provided by officers.