Husband sparks outrage for picking baby name that his wife thinks is ‘terrible’

Wife says she thinks the name her husband has chosen for their baby is ‘terrible’  (Getty Images)
Wife says she thinks the name her husband has chosen for their baby is ‘terrible’ (Getty Images)

A husband has sparked a debate over his top pick for a baby name, after his wife admitted she thinks it’s “terrible.”

In a recent post shared on Reddit, a woman asked fellow social media users for help, since the baby name that her partner’s “obsessed” with is one that she doesn’t like. She went on to share details about the name, Mips, and how her husband has always been fond of it.

“My husband has been obsessed with this name since before we started having children, and will not let it go no matter what I tell him,” she explained.

She then noted why she felt differently about the name, despite her husband’s positive perspective.

“I think the name is basically painting a target on a kid’s back and no one will take them seriously,” she added. “My husband thinks it’s a cute name and will start a naming trend.”

The woman shared that along with the name Mips, her husband is “also optioning Mipsie.” After emphasizing that her partner was “serious” about this name, she explained that she wanted to convince him that it was a “terrible” one, which is why she was posting on the Reddit page.

Her post quickly went viral, with more than 18,000 upvotes. In the comments, multiple people criticized her husband’s baby name choice, with many claiming that it’s a bad fit for any child or adult.

“Even if he likes it, naming a baby is a two yeses or no situation. Lucky for you,” one wrote, while another quipped: “If he wants to name something Mipsie, get a cat - Mips seems like such a cute animal name!”

“Oh no. That is a great name for a cat or a rabbit or a ridiculously fluffy dog,” a third wrote. “Something small and fuzzy. Not a grown-a** woman. I swear people forget that babies become adults someday and have to be saddled with the absurd names parents thought were adorable embroidered on diaper bags.”

Other people went on to slam the woman’s husband, with some going as far as claiming that she should end her marriage and that her partner “needs to be stopped” from giving baby name ideas.

In an edit to the post, she hit back at some of the criticism, noting that she wouldn’t break up with her “lovely husband” over the situation. She also shared that while she and her husband have a list of baby names they both like, Mips was the only one on the list that she didn’t like.

“It’s really the only one I have had to put a hard no on. He insists it’d be a good name for a kid but luckily he’s open to a lot more options,” she added.

She then shared a message from her husband, who then acknowledged that “Mip/Mipsie” was a bad name. He also noted that following his and his wife’s playful argument about the name – which he said “was a Super Mario 64 reference” – they both decided that at the end of the day, they were “always gonna name [their] kid something normal.”

This isn’t the first time a discussion about baby names has gone viral. In a post shared to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” forum in March, one woman was praised for shooting down her husband’s baby name for a girl, “Stuarta.” The name was inspired by the name Stuart Jr, since if the woman had a boy, she’d name him after her husband.

“Apparently, [my husband’s] logic is that since Stuart ends in ‘t,’ we can just add an ‘a’ to make it feminine,” she admitted. “I tried explaining why that doesn’t quite work, how it sounds more like a furniture brand than a human name, how she’d be endlessly correcting people and explaining its origin.”

She started offering alternative names, some that had the same “sound or meaning” as “Stuart.” While her husband wasn’t interested in any of those name options, she said she still wasn’t going to name her child “Stuarta.”

“Now, I love my husband dearly, and I understand wanting to honor my family. But I can’t imagine subjecting our daughter to a lifetime of awkward stares and endless questions about her ‘unusual’ name. I also worry about potential bullying and the impact it could have on her self-esteem,” she explained.