Husband sickened by wife's bashing

The husband of a 60-year-old woman allegedly bashed in her car on the NSW Central Coast say's he's sickened by the assault.

Police are investigating the incident that happened on Shortland Street in Gosford on Wednesday night at about 10pm.

The woman's husband, John, told Macquarie Radio on Thursday morning his wife, a school teacher, was on the way to Gosford railway station when a man ran out and stopped the car and started screaming at her.

"Some fool dog wrenched opened her car door, reached over and undid her seatbelt, tried to drag her from the car and when she resisted he bashed her in the face three times," John said.

"He just lost it. He was shouting, screaming, calling her a whore."

Police say the assailant, who reportedly appears to be in his 30s, was last seen running along Henry Parry Drive towards East Gosford.

The woman is at hospital having x-rays of her face, which is badly bruised and swollen, John said.

The man is described as being of Caucasian appearance, approximately 178cm tall, aged in his 30s, with blond hair and thin build.

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