Hurdler happy to strut her stuff

Steve Butler
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Hurdler happy to strut her stuff

After jiggling her way to more than 30 million hits on two internet videos, Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke has become a global pin-up girl for positive body image.

The track star promises to give the "sexy dance" that gave her overnight fame before the Jandakot City track classic at WA Athletics Stadium tonight.

While describing her almost instant fame as "pretty crazy", she said she was proud of her buff body and urged young girls to cast social judgment aside and be themselves.

"I've always been quite a confident person within myself so it never really bothered me what anyone else was saying about me," Jenneke, 21, said. "It's really about whether you're happy with yourself. It shouldn't be about what other people think or say."

Jenneke is also closing in on the race times she hopes will give her the attention she gets off the track. "It's been a great start to the year and really promising," she said. "I don't just want to be the girl who dances in front of the blocks."