The humid weather costing homeowners thousands - but one pest is loving it

Humid weather in Queensland is proving to be a bit of a pest - and providing ideal conditions for another kind of pest.

Pest controllers are battling termite infestations across southeast Queensland, with the tiny insects chewing through houses and costing home owners a fortune in repairs.

Andy Deyney first discovered one of his Gold Coast properties was under attack, with termites gaining a beachhead in the bathroom.

Andy Deyney's home was being destroyed by termites. Source: 7 News

The house needed a major renovations, with costs running into the tens of thousands of dollars.

"That's a horrible feeling... that's the moment when you sink," he told 7 News about the news hitting him.

Pest controller Luke Taylor says one in three homes he sees are now pest-ridden - up from one in five homes.

"The pest industry used to thrive in the summer, but we are getting so humid now that we are getting pest infestations throughout the whole year," Taylor said.

Termites are now being found year-round in Queensland. Source: File/AAP

On the Gold Coast, affected suburbs include Tallebudgera, Worongary and Southport.

In Ipswich, Brasall and Ripley are termite hotspots, while pest headquarters in Brisbane include Forest Lake, Chapel Hill and Indooroopilly.

And it's not just residential homes that are bearing the brunt.

"School, shops, restaurants - if they have timber in them, termites are coming," Mr Taylor said.

Pest controllers advise six-monthly termite inspections. Source: 7 News

Pest controllers say six monthly inspections are a must inside and outside the home.

Residents should also keep an eye out for cracks in walls and termite mud.

A licensed timber pest inspector can go through your house with thermal cameras, a moisture-meter and tapping device to determine if your house is infested.

Early detection means keeping a roof over your head - and money in your pocket.