Bodies found in search for missing Sydney couple Jesse Baird and Luke Davies

Jesse Baird and Luke Davies had been missing for over a week with a NSW police officer charged with their murder.

Police have confirmed two bodies believed to be Sydney couple Jesse Baird and Luke Davies were found at a second crime scene in Bungonia in southern NSW at around 11 am on Tuesday — after the couple went missing a week earlier.

"We believe we have located two bodies at that location," Police Commissioner Karen Webb told media on Tuesday afternoon. "The families have been informed and crime scene detectives have just arrived at that location."

Jesse Baird and Luke Davies have been missing since Monday. Source: Instagram

The discovery comes after an extensive two-day search by police divers and riot squads at Bungonia with other items of interest found by police.

"There were two surf bags that have been found and some debris and other items of significance," Superintendent Daniel Doherty told media.

Officer accused of double murder helped detectives locate bodies

Senior Constable Beau Lamarre-Condon, 29, has been charged with murdering the ex-Network Ten reporter Baird and his flight attendant partner after handing himself in at Bondi Police Station last Friday.

He remains in custody and has been suspended from employment without pay. Webb confirmed Tuesday's discovery was made possible thanks to the "assistance of the accused". Police allege Lamarre-Condon gave them information on Tuesday morning after obtaining legal counsel. Police say he gave them a location of where Baird and Davies were to be found, about 20 minutes from the original Bungonia location that was investigated.

"We're vey grateful and I'm sure the families are grateful," she said calling Tuesday an "important day" in the investigation.

"It has been a huge investigation and I'm very proud of the work that all the detectives and police across this organisation has put in," she said. "We're very confident that we have located Luke and Jesse."

Police investigate Baird's past relationship with accused

The couple had been missing since February 19 — the same day gunshots were heard at Baird's Paddington home around 9.50 am.

It is unclear how many bullets were discharged, with reports varying between neighbours hearing one shot and several. However, police confirmed a police registered firearm was discharged inside the property. Police alleged Lamarre-Condon moved the bodies to the Bungonia site, near Goulburn, some time last Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Police will also allege Lamarre-Condon had at one stage had a relationship with Baird.

Police search for Jesse Baird and Luke Davies
Police found the bodies of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies at a site at Bungonia in southern NSW on Tuesday. (Mick Tsikas/AAP)

"My understanding at some stage it was a relationship," Superintendent Doherty said. "And a lot of evidence that we've gained, that there was some type of relationship at some stage, and that's what we'll be alleging in court."

Commissioner Webb said the fact that a police firearm was used has triggered an investigation requiring the involvement of the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission.

"Well, we're in this position that a police firearm was used," she said. "That can never happen again. So we have to look to ways to mitigate that risk."

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