Huge crocodile takes on truck crossing deadly Northern Territory river

The moment a huge crocodile met his match on one of Australia's most dangerous stretches of road has been caught on camera.

In a true 'Battle of the Titans' clash, a gigantic truck passing over Cahill's Crossing, about 250km from Darwin, Northern Territory, squared up to the ferocious predator with neither willing to back down.

The crossing is infamous for running through waters with a high concentration of crocs, with many known to linger on the track.

The truck driver was not to be intimidated by the four-metre croc. Source: Instagram/tommy_watkins

Bystander Tommy Watkins told NT News he was making his way through Kakadu National Park with friends when they spotted the giant crocodile perched on the road waiting for a feed.

“He was a big fella, he would have been close to four metres – the biggest one here,” Mr Watkins said.

He claimed the crocodile was one of about 15 surrounding the road, but was the only one brave enough to face the approaching truck.

The crossing is infamous for crocs lingering on the track. Source: Instagram/rock.sand.hills

“The truck came through, and sparked him right up," he recalled.

Mr Watkins said the croc attempted to wrap his jaws around the front of the vehicle in a bid to portray his dominance, but with the driver unmoved, the four-metre saltie admitted defeat and retreated back into the river.

Mr Watkins managed to capture the moment the croc headed back into the water as up to 60 tourists soaked up the amazing stand off.