Update on stabbed Bondi baby’s condition

NSW Health have provided an update on the patients in hospital following the Bondi attacks. Picture: NCA NewsWire / David Swift

A nine-month-old baby who was stabbed in the horrific Bondi Junction attack last Saturday has been discharged from hospital, health authorities have confirmed.

NSW Health Minister Ryan Park released the heartwarming news on Sunday afternoon, just hours before a candlelight vigil for the victims of the attack.

“In a positive development, I can confirm the child who has been receiving care at Sydney Children’s Hospital following last weekend’s tragic events at Bondi Junction has been discharged home,” he said in a statement.

“She continues to receive care from the expert clinicians at Sydney Children’s Hospital.”

The baby was upgraded to a stable condition earlier this week.

Brave mother Ashlee Good, 38, was killed while trying to save her baby.
Brave mother Ashlee Good, 38, was killed while trying to save her baby.

Her brave mother Ashlee Good, 38, was killed while trying to save the baby during Joel Cauchi’s stabbing rampage at Westfield Bondi Junction.

The osteopath was forced to hand her baby to bystanders after being stabbed with a 30cm long hunting knife.

Six people, including five women and a male security guard, were killed by 40-year-old Cauchi.

The victims included Dawn Singleton, 25, the daughter of millionaire businessman John Singleton, mother-of-two Jade Young, 47, Pikria Darchia, 55, Chinese national Yixuan Cheng, 27, and security guard Faraz Tahir, 30.

Mr Tahir died trying to protect shoppers while his colleague Muhammad Taha was stabbed in the stomach.

He is recovering in hospital, with the government offering the Pakistani citizen permanent residency in Australia for his heroics.

“Six patients continue to receive care in hospital for their injuries,” a NSW Health spokesperson said on Friday.

As of 12pm Friday, two patients are at St Vincent’s Hospital.

One female patient is in a stable condition and one male patient is in a stable condition, with both on a ward.

Bondi Junction Westfield, 16 April 2024
People return to the shop to bring flowers and show their respect. Family of Ashlee Good pictured. Picture: Thomas Lisson

Two patients are at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

One female remains in intensive care in a serious but stable condition, while one male is in a stable condition on a ward.

One female patient is at Royal North Shore Hospital in a stable condition on a ward.

Cauchi was shot dead by Inspector Amy Scott who bravely confronted the knifeman alone.

The state government and Waverley Council have organised a candlelight vigil to honour the victims, which will be held at 5pm at Dolphin Court at Bondi Beach.