Hozier shares four previously unreleased tracks from Unreal Unearth sessions

Hozier shares four previously unreleased tracks credit:Bang Showbiz
Hozier shares four previously unreleased tracks credit:Bang Showbiz

Hozier has surprised released the 'Unheard EP'.

The 'Take Me To Church' hitmaker has shared four outtakes from his 2023 album 'Unreal Unearth', including ‘Too Sweet’, ‘Empire Now’, ‘Fare Well’, and ‘Wildflower and Barley’, with Grammy winner Allison Russell.

He said: “It’s my pleasure to announce the release of more work from the album sessions which could not make the original release.

“These are songs that might’ve made it to the circles of gluttony, limbo, violence and the outward ‘ascent’ respectively but could not for different reasons. I’m very glad I’ll get to share them with you.”

'Unreal Unearth' – which was inspired by Dante's legendary ‘Inferno’ poem - marked the Irish singer-songwriter's first UK number one album.

Meanwhile, Hozier recently gushed that he's always been blown away by how "talented" Ariana Grande is.

The 34-year-old musician revealed himself to be a massive stan of the 30-year-old pop superstar.

In a video for ELLE, Hozier said: “I love her music. I think she’s an excellent pop artist, I really do. I think she’s incredibly talented. I think every time I hear her sing, I’m reminded of just how ******* talented Ariana Grande is.”

The Irish-born star previously performed a cover of Ariana's hit 'Problem' - which also features Iggy Azalea - on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge.

The chart-topper has also teased he would love to duet with the ambient artist, Ethel Cain, 25, whose songs are inspired by Christian music and Gregorian chants.

He told Attitude magazine: "An artist I was in touch with recently and would love to work with is Ethel Cain. I’m very, very excited about her work.

"We touched base recently, we just picked up contact. I’d love to do some shows with Ethel ... maybe write a song."