How this Geelong man became Mr Universe and 'Schwarzenegger Two'

He’s known as the ‘girth from Geelong’ and he’s just claimed the Mr Universe title for a third time in a row.

Calum von Moger, 24, goes by the nickname Schwarzenegger Two in bodybuilding circles thanks to his Dutch and Austrian heritage.

He was handed the title once more at La Ciotat in the French Riveria last weekend.

Mr Von Moger told Fairfax he barely ate or drank for a week to cut down body fat before competing.

He said training for Mr Universe was both a mental and psychical challenge.

"I'm really well-rested now, but I've still got one more to go - the European Championships," he told Fairfax.

Calum von Moger. Photo: Facebook.

Despite training for years the actual competition took him about ten minutes to win.

It included a posing routine, a body rotation, eight mandatory poses and a final minute long ‘pose down’.

Mr Von Moger started training at 15 years old.

He bulked his 188cm frame to well over 110kgs by eating seven meals a day.

And he’s certainly got an idea of what he wants to look like.

“What I like are the old classic physiques. Quality over quantity; aesthetic, with perfect symmetry and proportion."

The decision means he can’t compete for Mr Olympia, as he’d need to pack on another 15kg of muscle to his frame to be eligible.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at him but Mr von Moger was raised on a hobby farm in Victoria before he grew up in Geelong.

And if you want a body like his, he’s got a few secrets up his sleeve.

"Not sure if you're training arms hard enough? At the end of your workout, try and touch your shoulders. If your biceps are so pumped up you can't reach them, you've done your job well. If you easily get a hand on each deltoid, you need to keep pushing,” he said in a recent blog post.