How Ridiculous set new world record

The team from Internet sensation 'How Ridiculous' have smashed their world record this week on Seven's Sunday Night program, by sinking a hoop from the top of Tassie's Gordon Dam — a huge 126m.

Scott, Kyle, Brett and Derek have already broken the record for the highest altitude basketball hoop three times — the last of which was from the EuroMast tower in Netherlands at 98 metres.

But they smashed that record on Seven's Sunday Night program, by sinking a hoop from the top of the dam — a huge 126m.

After first securing the Guinness World Record for highest altitude basketball shot in 2011, the group then broke it again form the top of the EuroMast observation tower in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The 98 metre shot took 62 attempts in the Netherlands, but the Gordon Dam shot proved much harder.

At that height and in the Tasmanian climate conditions are unpredictable and the team endured wind, rain and even hail for nearly three days.

Finally, the shot was scored by Brett and the crew couldn’t believe their eyes.

How Ridiculous started out in their backyards in Perth, bouncing basketballs off the roof of their parents' houses and taking study breaks in the university gym.

Now they are a global brand, travelling the world doing trick shots with footballs, golf balls, Frisbees and basketballs — thrown off everything from a giant slip and slip and slide to city landmarks.

With their success they support the charity Compassion and you can too by visiting the website here.

Sunday Night would like to thank Hydro Tasmania for access to the stunning Gordon Dam as well as Aardvark Adventures for keeping Denham in one piece.