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How does iPad use affect kids?

Swiping a finger on an iPad is as natural to a modern preschooler as turning a page - but little research has been done on the impact of technology on children's health.

Curtin University's School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science wants families for a study into the effects using devices can have on children's development and posture.

Researcher Erin Howie said many schools used iPads and parents asked Curtin for advice after some children complained of sore necks from bending over them.

The study iMove, iPlay will focus on children from birth to five to find out how often they use technology and what for.

Researchers will observe children aged three to five in a laboratory to measure their physical activity while they play.

In earlier research, the Curtin team found schoolchildren tended to hunch over more when using a tablet but also used a bigger variety of positions.

Dr Howie said it was better to use a neutral posture with neck and wrists straight.

Paul Taylor said sons Michael, 4, and Daniel, 2, were allowed to play educational games on an iPad or smartphone once or twice a week. "We're more into getting them outside and playing and reading books," he said.

Parents willing to take part in the research can email erin.